Putting together content is difficult enough without having to worry about the sounds your project makes – and not everyone can pluck a string or hit a key.
If you’ve got a podcast, youtube channel, social media campaign, or anything else that needs music – from 5 second intros to 30 minute soundtracks or voice-overs, we can help.
Composing, producing, mixing, and even some video work, we’ve got the team to give your project a voice.
Let us design how something you’re passionate about sounds.
Questions? You can email Divots TubeWorks here, or simply click the Contact link at the top of the page.
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(3) Minutes:

The bassline from a different project slipped into some friends skate footage.




A few isolated instrument tracks from an under construction project:

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We’ll keep you updated on projects we’re working on or ideas we have…

And Then Some..

As this business has moved along I’ve noticed a couple of things – 1) I’ve been busier than I thought I would be, and 2) most clients don’t just want music. Both of these are things that, honestly, caught me by surprise. At the onset I figured I’d have a couple jobs come along every … Continue reading And Then Some..

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