A few years ago I bought a 61 key midi keyboard, plugged it into my laptop, and suddenly there they were – every note I played, as I played them, on a staff.

I was blown away.

I’d never seen my music written as music before. I just kind of sat there and stared at it.

I’ve played music just about my entire life. Almost all of my earliest memories revolve around a drum set, piano, guitars, or an organ being part of the landscape of our house.

However, I never learned to read music – which was never a big deal until I started, in my teens, to write – then it became tricky. I would either have to record the song on a tape, or rely on my memory to play it again.

I found the hard drive from that old laptop the other day and this was on it.

I’d forgotten completely about it – it’s the first thing I played when I plugged that keyboard in. I just turned the software on, pressed record, and started playing. I probably couldn’t play it again if I tried.

I’ve not done anything to it – so all the flubs, weird timing, and odd notes are still there – but it amazes me that I can print this out, hand it to someone that can read music, and they can play it.

That evening was one I’ll never forget – it might seem ridiculous to some people, but to me, to see something I’m so passionate about, take a tangible form right in front of me was, to say the least, humbling.

If you’re a musician, or artist, or anyone who creates something, you know that feeling. You won’t have it many times in your life, so when it happens, latch onto it, hold it tight, don’t let go, and take yourself  back to it from time to time.

Inspiration is birthed in these moments.

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