Who and Why


“because we’ve all got a soundtrack”

I had this idea – I wanted to offer to write music for people with a youtube channel, podcast, or social media project, who otherwise would have to either 1) rely on canned, pirated, or license free terrible music, or 2) be stuck with something their cousin wrote with a free app on his iPhone waiting in line for his hotdog at the dairy bar.

Neither of these options should ever be taken seriously if you want your message to be taken seriously.

There is never any reason to take something you’ve poured your time, imagination, and heart into, and bookend it with something terrible. Ever.

I want the finished piece to be something that moves you, sticks with you, and ultimately, becomes an identifiable part of your brand.

Everybody has a soundtrack, but not everybody knows how to get it out –  the next great American novel could be just waiting to burst from my fingertips – yet I have no idea how,  nor inclination to, write it.

I do, however, know how to write music. It’s something I’ve been passionate about as long as I can remember. It’s one of those things I can sit down at five in the afternoon and start, and the next thing I know it’s 3am and I’ve missed dinner!

The more I mapped out my vision for Divots TubeWorks, the more I realized I couldn’t do it by myself. I would have no problem creating the music – be it a 12 second intro or an hour long soundtrack for a documentary – but when it came to mixing the song to get it to the point it sounded professional enough that I would be comfortable calling it finished, I knew I’d need some help.

I’ve known Sam almost 30 years. Of the countless conversations we’ve had over that time, most – and I mean a great majority – have been about music. Bands, songs, gear, albums – so it was only natural when I set out to move Divots TubeWorks beyond a simple outlet for the music I was writing, and into an actual business, that I include him.

He’s an audio engineer by pedigree, and has an amazing ear for mixing. He’s one of my oldest, closest friends, and I can’t imagine making this a business without him involved.

Obligatory headshots to follow…

Jaime – Thinks a well executed G-Run is one of the most magical things on earth. Creates weird sounds and then adds piano. Purveyor and collector of crazy ideas.
Sam – Synth extraordinaire. Audio engineer and mixing genius. Keeps Jaime’s crazy ideas in check…most of the time.